Prime Spark Community Membership
Women Over 55, It's Our Time!
Hosted by Sara Hart, PhD, 2x Published Author & Keynote Speaker

As a woman over 55, are you ready to play even bigger than you are now? Are you imagining being part of something larger than yourself and making even more impact? Are you yearning to be in a community of like-minded women who are challenging and supporting one another? 
I am so excited to invite you to become a Member of the Prime Spark Community. Prime Spark is a MOVEMENT! It is a movement for women over 55! Our mission is to change the way we see ourselves as well as how our society sees older women. . . that’s US! 
For some time I knew I wanted a way to get us all together; to support one another; to take concerted action to make changes in our own lives and the lives of women everywhere; to have fun together. And THIS is the way! We are just getting ready to begin our second year of the Prime Spark Membership Community, and this past year has been outstanding! 
I see us becoming the spark that ignites a movement; that attracts tens, hundreds, thousands of women; where we support each other; and where we make a commitment to play bigger in our own lives while we also help to transform the lives of other women. 
There are three aspects to this membership: Personal Growth and Support, Community, and Advocacy.
Who This Is For (Our Ideal Spark)

Business women who have had excellent careers and yet are feeling "I know there's something more for me to do."

Professional women who are looking to reinvent themselves at this time in their lives or are simply yearning to be part of a community of like-minded women. 

Empty-nesters who are ready to step out and make an impact. 

Women who keep hearing “When are you going to retire?” and have no desire to do so. Or you may have retired and now realize you’re just not nearly “done. 

Women who are over 55 (or close) and are simply wanting to find a group of like-minded women to get to know, support one another, and grow with.

What's In It For You (What You Get)

Monthly Reading… Every month we will read a chapter of a book, an article, or a passage, and contemplate a question that I present to you that will challenge you to take the next steps in your life. Our initial resource will be “Epic: The Woman’s Power Playbook” by Carolyn Buck Luce. Together we will design the next decade of our lives. Sound overwhelming? Not when you have the support of a group of loving, challenging, supportive, like-minded women all cheering for you! 

Community Conversation… We will have TWO monthly Zoom meetings so we can review the monthly reading, share our stories, make a commitment from now until the next call, own accountability, ask deep questions, reflect, and dream about what’s next. 

 Private Prime Spark Women Group… You will join a private Facebook group so you can share what you’re thinking and feeling, get to know each other, support each other in your transformation. You don’t have to walk alone. 

 Prime Spark Advocacy… We will agree on a specific action all of us will take to challenge the current treatment of older women and the images projected that try to define who we are. For example, we are just getting ready to launch a set of Prime Spark Greeting Cards that celebrate older women rather than make fun of us. Several members of the current community contributed their artwork for the cards. In this way, membership furthers the movement and brings to life the mission of Prime Spark.

What We Cover

We kick off the second week of September. For the first month or so we will be working with “Epic: The Women’s Power Playbook” by Carolyn Buck Luce.


You will receive the Member monthly price of only $69 a month, or $690 a year.

Hear from Amy Collette, an Original Spark!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • When does the community membership start?
    We start the week the first week of August 2021. The day and time of our Community Conversation will be selected and shared closer to our kick off week.
  • What topics do you cover?
    The topics for the first 6 months are as follows.

    July: “Communicating with Power,” chapter 8 in Tara Mohr’s Playing Big. We’ll start with this so we can hold one another accountable going forward.
    August: “The Inner Critic,” chapter 1 in Playing Big. We all have them. Let’s get them out there where we can see/hear them clearly.
    September: “The Voice of Inner Wisdom,” chapter 2 in Playing Big. Counteracting the critic.
    October: “Preparing for Your Big Leap,” chapter 1 in Gay Hendricks The Big Leap. What’s the one problem?
    November: “Making the Leap,” chapter 2 in The Big Leap. Dismantling the foundation of the problem.
    December: “Building a New Home in Your Zone of Genius,” chapter 4 in The Big Leap. How to make every moment an expression of your genius.

    Other topics will include: underearning, the imposter syndrome, building community, the toxic impact of ageism, masterminding on “what’s next?”
  • What if I can't attend the Community Call live?
    We do our best to select a day and time that works best for everyone. If you're unable to make a call one of the months, the replay will be sent out to the group so you can catch up on your own time.
  • Do you have any discounts?
    Yes! If you purchase an annual membership, you get 2 months for free.

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